Magnetic Level Indication and Bridle Measurement

The comprehensive VEGA range of bypass chamber, bridle and magnetic level indicator (MLI) options now come under new names. All bypass mounted assemblies solely for mounting VEGA guided and non-contact radar transmitters or level switches, will come under the name VEGAPASS.  All ‘dual technology’ systems, where alongside these other VEGA technologies, a MLI is employed, will be identified as VEGAMAG.

VEGAPASS is  a chamber or bridle mounted system supplied where a guided wave radar, non-contact/through air radar or vibrating level switch is used (perhaps in place of traditional float and displacer oriented technologies) to offer easier installation, better performance, improved operational capability – delivering lower lifetime costs. Systems for directly replacing ‘mobrey style’ float switches with fail-safe, self monitoring tuning fork switches with or without chambers are also available.

VEGAMAG also employs an MLI, where the magnetic float indicator system displays the level locally - no power supply is needed. This is used in combination with a VEGA transmitter, which also measures/ detects the level inside a connected or shared chamber. By using different level techniques, this offers alternative measurements and additional diagnostics to provide ‘safety through diversity’ in one installation.

Whatever the configuration or requirement, VEGA supply fully assembled, tested, certified and commissioned systems for level and interface, with the VEGAPASS and VEGAMAG. Options for various materials, valves, insulation, fittings and construction specifications are offered. New literature is available, contact VEGA sales and ask for the ‘VEGA Level measurement in bypass chambers’  brochure.


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