Panel Mounted Device Displays Transducer Values

Local display of transducer values from a variety of sources including displacement, pressure, load and torque can be incorporated into control panels using an E725 signal conditioner and display unit from RDP Electronics Ltd.

The easy-to-use E725 is suited for applications in manufacturing, process industries and test and research and in addition to displaying values can deliver signals concerning transducer status to PLCs or other connected control devices. The E725 incorporates signal conditioning for transducers, offers a clear 5 digit display, with fast peak and trough detection and limit trips shown by indicator lights and has options such as relay outputs. The E725 has a 4-20mA 2-wire output that can be connected to a suitable analogue input on a PLC and can also provide serial communication via RS232 or RS485 with the controlling device. The settings can be password protected and if required the whole panel can be disabled to prevent operators upsetting the operation of the unit. The E725 is compactly housed and can be used in a stand-alone mode as well as panel mounted and offers flexibility and high performance at a competitive price.


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