Purafil’s Odorcarb Ultra Media Wins Inaugural Editor’s Choice Awards

Purafil's Odorcarb Ultra™ media was recently selected as one of Pollution Engineering's 2010 Editor's Choice Award winners in the Air Category. New products in varying categories were nominated and then reviewed by the magazine's staff. Pollution Engineering Editor, Roy Bigham collaborated with his staff to choose the winning products. He contends, “The Editor’s Choice Award was a new idea this year for us.” The July issue of Pollution Engineering features all of the winning products.

Purafil ESD Sales Manager, Stephen Goss, says, “We are ecstatic to be considered, and ultimately, to accept this award. As the global gas-phase air filtration industry leader, we are committed to providing quality products such as Odorcarb Ultra along with valued-added services for our diverse customer base.” According to Bigham, “Based upon the 2010 Pollution Engineering Editor’s Choice Award entries, we decided to divide our selections into three categories and chose five that we thought were the best in each category. Innovations are continuously taking place in our industry and this is one way we can communicate that to our subscribers.”

Odorcarb Ultra is the first activated alumina media with the ability to remove 0.30 grams of hydrogen sulfide per cubic centimeter of media. Odorcarb Ultra has a recommended face velocity of 100 feet per minute (0.51 meters per second) with a pressure drop of only 1.85 inches of water gage (461 Pa) per foot of media (0.30 m). Competitors often design systems at 60 feet per minute (0.30 meters per second) and their accompanying, nonspherical media may have a pressure drop of approximately 2.0 inches of water gage (498 Pa) per foot of media. Adding Purafil Odorcarb Ultra to competitors’ units will result in a pressure drop of only 0.46 inches of water gage (115 Pa) which is nearly four times less than the competitor product. The significant reduction in pressure drop equates to eye-opening energy savings for new customers.

The new, improved media also contains the Media Life Indicator Pellets (patentpending). The blue pellets appear white after chemisorption to distinguish new media from spent media. Odorcarb Ultra is UL classified and landfill disposable.


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