Modular Instrumentation System is Suitable for Input from Many Transducer Types

Thanks to design modularity and the capability to be connected to several different transducer types, the Modular 600 system from RDP Electronics Ltd is widely used in universities and research establishments.

The Modular 600 is a fully featured microprocessor instrumentation system, which also incorporates configurable analogue outputs. Its modular design concept, provides complete flexibility and expandability, accepting inputs from up to 164 channels in either free standing or rack form. It can be tailored to measure several engineering parameters including displacement, pressure, load/force, strain, torque and vibration. There is a family of signal conditioning modules suitable for LVDTs, load cells and strain gauges for pre-amplifying transducers before they are connected to logging equipment such as A & D cards.. It is straightforward to add or remove modules by simply unplugging them from the front panel and making the necessary switch changes. A key element in the Modular 600 system is the 650 digital I/O and data storage module that provides a real-time LED display of any selected channel in the system and also acts as a data hub into which a PC can be connected. Serial data can be sent via RS232, RS422 or RS485.


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