Renishaw Announces Raman Seminars at the Natural History Museum, London, UK

Following the success of the ‘inside Raman' event last year at Warwick University, Renishaw's Raman spectroscopy team will be hosting ‘inside Raman' seminars at the Natural History Museum, London, UK, on Monday 26th and Tuesday 27th September 2011.

'inside Raman' will feature presentations by prominent scientists on their research involving Raman spectroscopy, and demonstrations by Renishaw's applications experts using Renishaw's latest instrumentation and software.

This year's event will also offer tours of the Natural History Museum, and there will be a drinks reception for delegates in the Museum on Monday evening, providing an excellent opportunity for networking.

The event will appeal to anyone interested in learning about, or extending their understanding of Raman Spectroscopy, and will cater for people at all levels of Raman knowledge and experience.

The seminars run on consecutive days; Day 1 will focus on conservation and life science applications, whilst Day 2 will cover chemistry, materials science and physics applications.


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