Tritech Awarded Major Naval Contract

Tritech has been contracted to supply Ultra Electronics, the defence, security, transport and energy company, with a suite of sonar equipment over a twelve-month supply programme.

With delivery of the first consignment completed, Tritech is the sole supplier of the integrated homing sonar mounted on the German-designed ATLAS ELEKTRONIK Seafox, the oneshot mine disposal vehicle supplied to the Royal Navy by Ultra Electronics in support of its strategic mine hunting operations.

Mines are very cost-effective weapons which have the capability to quickly take out a substantially large and expensive warship or merchant vessel. Tritech’s industry-recognised sonar equipment is the first choice for many NATO Navies mine-countermeasure and neutralisation operations.

Mike Broadbent, Tritech’s Business Development Manager for Defence comments:

"Tritech has been supplying sonar equipment for civil and defence applications for over two decades and this new contract reflects the confidence NATO Navies and indeed underwater vehicle manufacturers have in our sonar technology; we are proud to be playing our part in supporting this very important activity and look forward to working with Ultra Electronics on this programme."


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