Tetra Rex Releases New One Step Opening Cap

200 billion packages produced and counting. Thanks to superior hygiene, Tetra Rex has proved itself to be the symbol of freshness, convenience and safety to a whole generation. Now with the new TwistCap OSO 34 (One Step Opening) it does what it does best – just better. That’s keeping things as fresh and tasty as the day they were packed. Safe products, cost efficiently produced in a popular package can only mean one thing. Peak freshness.

Hear it? That’s the sound of freshness. The sound of knowing that nothing has interfered with what’s inside. So it tasted as good as the day it was packaged. And with perfect pouring qualities you can watch with joy as you milk, yoghurt or juice, just flows out into your glass or plate. Finished pouring? Just reseal the TwistCap OSO 34 and relax. It won’t leak out. Sounds great doesn’t it? Fresh too.


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