Spitfire Ace Ultrafast Amplifiers

The Spectra-Physics Spitfire® Ace™ is our flagship amplifier product. It is the most technically advanced Ti:Sapphire regenerative amplifier commercially available. Equipped with the proprietary XPert™ technology, the Spitfire Ace amplifier sets a new standard for long term performance, low noise, and day-to-day reproducibility, resulting in stable OPA and harmonic outputs for the most demanding applications.

The Spitfire Ace amplifier builds upon our highly successful Spitfire platform. Every component has been carefully evaluated and selected to maximize stability. The revolutionary XP regenerative cavity has been upgraded to produce an industry leading average power of more than 5W at 1, 5 and 10 kHz with excellent (M2 <1.3) beam quality.

Our proprietary XPert technology incorporates multiple elements to ensure maximum stability: Newport optomechanics and isolators, and Spectra-Physics proprietary optical coatings all come together to deliver expert level performance. The result is guaranteed stability with no pulse breathing, minimized short- and long-term noise, and guaranteed average power over hundreds of hours – stability that sets the Spitfire Ace amplifier system in a class all by itself.

The Spitfire Ace performs optimally when seeded with the revolutionary Mai Tai® SP oscillator. The Mai Tai SP laser is a truly hands-free system that does not require alignment, cleaning or adjustments, with specifications guaranteed over an impressive 20°C temperature range.

The Spitfire Ace is pumped with the new Empower® 45 laser, which delivers over 45 W of average power* in a compact package. Equipped with proprietary noise reduction technology, the Empower 45 is the quietest amplifier pump laser on the market.

With the combination of XPert technology, Mai Tai SP seeder and Empower 45 pump, the Spitfire Ace is the highest energy, most stable regenerative amplifier available. It is ideal for pumping multiple OPA systems and performing a wide range of nonlinear spectroscopies.


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