SolidCAM Showing Sim 5 Axis and Mill-Turn at Hermle in-House Exhibition

For the first time, all new Hermle products launched in 2010 may be seen in one exhibition. Another key area for Hermle AG is automation. Several systems will be presented under production conditions.This includes pallet changers, handling systems and robot systems. Of course all Hermle products are on exhibit in the recently expanded technology and training center. They will be cutting interesting workpieces from various industries. Tours of the plant through the production and assembly areas will give visitors insight into the innovative and forward-looking production processes of Hermle machine tools.

SolidCAM will be among the exhibitors, as we were traditionaly for many years. This time an interesting part has been prepared for the show, courtesy of Alcon Components Ltd. Alcon has a worldwide reputation in the motorsport industry, supplying brake components for the World Rally Championship and, in the US, for NASCAR and IRL teams. Additionally, the company supplies braking equipment for high performance road cars and for special vehicles used in defense applications.

Another part to be presented at the Hermle exhibition will be the mill-turn part of a racing wheel. New Hermle machines recently added a turning option to complement general 5 axis milling capability. SolidCAM's answer has been to provide functions for programming these machines by developing a new Simultaneous 4x Turning operation in SolidCAM 2011. The mill-turn part, programmed by SolidCAM 2011, will be cut on the Hermle C42U MT Dynamic with the new Heidenhain iTNC635 Controller.

Hermle machines are popular among SolidCAM staff. For many years SolidCAM CZ is using a Hermle machine at the Technology center in Brno, Czech Republic. Now also SolidCAM GmbH equipped its newly founded Technology center with high-tech Hermle C30 machine. With its new Technology center, SolidCAM GmbH wishes to provide the best possible support for simultaneous 5 axis technologies for the German and European market.


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