SharePoint-Based EDM&C in the Cloud

Cadac Organice BV, Microsoft Gold ISV Partner and developer of the Cadac Organice Product Suite, is first to introduce SharePoint-based Engineering Document Management and Control in the Cloud. With the new Cadac Organice Cloud Solution, companies benefit from full Engineering Document Management and Control functionality on a hosted SharePoint environment.

Cadac Organice (recently celebrating its 25 anniversary) have been offering SharePoint-based solutions for engineering document management and control to project-driven engineering industries since 2004. Microsoft SharePoint is a preferred platform in this market for its flexibility and the support it offers when collaborating with external partners. For various reasons, companies are not always able to setup and maintain an on-premise SharePoint infrastructure. Further, project-driven engineering industries are often in need for a project environment on short notice. With the new Cloud Solution, Cadac Organice is able to offer clients a hosted environment that they can use instantly.

The Cadac Organice Cloud Solution offers a hosted SharePoint platform with functionality for engineering document management and control. Companies can use the solution with full flexibility and tailored to their needs. Each organization has a dedicated and secure environment, in which it can setup one or more sites for document management, for instance for a project or a department. Internal and external contacts can be invited to collaborate, and each user is granted a specific role and permissions. The Cloud Solution includes best practice templates to start instantly, but it is also possible to configure the environment according to specific needs.

The Cloud Solution offers functionality of the Cadac Organice Product Suite for managing CAD drawings, Office documents, and email, and for advanced transmittal and productive workflow management. The solution can be used for enterprise document management as well as for project and asset document management in collaboration with external partners.

Cadac Organice is first to introduce SharePoint-based Engineering Document Management and Control in the Cloud. The Microsoft SharePoint platform offers a huge benefit over other hosted solutions for (engineering) document management. The standard platform is open and integrates easily with existing IT infrastructure. Further it offers seamless integration with other SharePoint environments, and data is easily migrated to an on-premise SharePoint environment, for instance at project close.


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