The Power PMAC CPU Puts Massive Power in the Frame

The latest Power PMAC CPU delivers potent computing and data processing features within a half rack footprint to create a powerful heart for machine control systems.

Offering 800MHz or 1.0GHz operating frequencies, these very impressive clock times are backed up by full 32/64-bit architecture. The net result of this is excellent high-speed calculations, which is, amazingly, greater than ‘ten times’ faster than the already impressive Turbo PMAC.

The new CPU also has a huge dynamic range and resolution and support for very large memory. For example, 1GB or 2GB DDR RAM in a SO-CDIMM module with error correction. There is also 64MB of MOR flash for standard firmware and 1GB or 2GB built-in NAND flash for code/settings on board.

To complete the comprehensive features of this impressive new CPU unit there is an SDHC NAND flash for up to 32GB (camera card), USB2.0 host expansion, optional two PCI Express ports, optional SATA port 3.0Gbps, optional video output including HDMI port, two USB ports and 4GB on board NAND flash.

Putting it simply, this new CPU can form the beating heart of the most sophisticated control system and already designers and engineers are taking advantage of this leap forward in technology.


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