PD13 Linear Potentiometric Displacement Transducer

  •     Body Diameter Ø13mm
  •     Simple voltage divider operation
  •     Life at 250mm per second is greater than 100 million operations
  •     1 metre long cable (extension cable options are available)
  •     Sealing to IP50 (IP66 optional)

The PD13 replaces the PD20 range of displacement transducers, as previously manufactured by Pioden Controls (which is now part of LCM Systems).

The PD13 offers many benefits over the PD20, including, low noise, greater resolution and improved availability.

The PD13 covers a wide range of options covering 25mm to 200mm strokes. They are used in many applications, including research laboratories, winding machines, civil engineering and motorsport.

The simple circuit arrangement for this type of sensor makes them ideal for OEM applications as well as lower volume special applications.

A wide range of supporting instrumentation is available. Please consult LCM Systems for further details.


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