New Round Connector 21BV by Multi-Contact

Multi-Contact presents a new connector in the 3 Powerline. The single pole, insulated Ø 21mm round connector complements the well established 10BV and 16BV systems, adding to the program a particularly powerful solution with current carrying capacity up to 800A.

The new 21BV series is intended for use in mobile power generators, mobile emergency power systems, event cabling, production test facilities and other applications where copper conductors need to be connected and/or contact needs to be made between conductor and panel receptacle.

An innovative, smart bayonet locking system simplifies the handling. The 21BV may easily be assembled without special tools and is IP2X touch protected in unmated condition. Thanks to high protection against dust and water ingress (IP65 and IP68) and temperature resistance up to 120°C, it is well suited for outdoor applications. The MC Multilam Technology ensures low contact resistance and enables high mating cycles.


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