New Machine Filters out the Problems

More success stories from the most diverse applications which partners Micromech Systems and Parker has been supporting for food processing equipment and packaging machinery manufacturers.

The strong demand for coffee pads required increased product output as these single portion sachets represent a convenient alternative to conventional filter coffee that have become very popular. As a result of this high demand from the market, coffee producers were on the lookout for even better machines with a much higher throughput. The production process is technically demanding, as the pads must be formed from a strip of fabric, precisely filled, sealed and punched out.

A market leading machine manufacturer therefore used a drive and control solution optimised for the development of their high performance machines in order to precisely synchronise up to 25 servo drives via an electronic line shaft. The movements of the individual drives were implemented via powerful electronic cam functions. Pneumatic-driven auxiliary axes were driven via dead time compensated electronic cam switches for maximum performance. Due to the modular architecture, the number of servo driven dosing lanes can be varied to meet the needs of the customer with optional machine modules.

This resulting high performance is more than impressive and with considerably reduced down times the machine now produces up to 800 pads per minute, an amazing 48,000 pads per hour thus ensuring optimum plant efficiency for the end customer.

The successful introduction of the new machine into the market meant customers are delighted with the outcome, far higher production, less maintenance and of course much lower costs.


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