LTM4613 - EN55022B Compliant 36VIN, 15VOUT, 8A, DC/DC μModule Regulator

The LTM®4613 is a complete, ultralow noise, 8A switch mode DC/DC power supply. Included in the package are the switching controller, power FETs, inductor and all support components. Operating over an input voltage range of 5V to 36V, the LTM4613 supports an output voltage range of 3.3V to 15V, set by a single external resistor. Only bulk input and output capacitors are needed to finish the design.

High switching frequency and an adaptive on-time current mode architecture enables a very fast transient response to line and load changes without sacrificing stability.

The onboard input filter and noise cancellation circuits achieve low noise coupling, thus effectively reducing the electromagnetic interference (EMI)—see Figure 7. Furthermore, the DC/DC μModule® regulator can be synchronized with an external clock to reduce undesirable frequency harmonics and allow PolyPhase® operation for high load currents.

The LTM4613 is offered in a space saving and thermally enhanced 15mm × 15mm × 4.32mm LGA package, which enables utilization of unused space on the bottom of PC boards for high density point-of-load regulation. The LTM4613 is Pb-free and RoHS compliant.


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