Leak-Free Seal-Less Magnet Drive Pump for Critical Applications

A magnetically driven micro annular gear pump, which is ideally suited to handling liquids in critical metering applications where reliable, leak-free pumping is essential, has been introduced by Michael Smith Engineers.

The ultra compact HNP MZR4661 pump is designed for OEM's and small system builders who require a pump to deliver precise, pulseless flows from 4.8 ml/min up to 72 ml/min on system pressures up to 6 bar.

This pump benefits from a hermetic design incorporating a powerful inner magnet system driven by a rotating magnetic field and an integrated speed control. However, the pump is very compact with a diameter of just 22mm, a length of 69mm and weighs just 100g. Although compact and lightweight, the MZR4661 is built to ensure a long service thanks to the use of wear resistant, ultra hard materials, including stainless steel, ceramics and NdFeB magnets.

Fuel cell operations are one particular application where these pumps will be appreciated, on metering tasks for water, ethanol, methanol and other fuels occurring in these industries. Other applications include AD-Blue injection into catalytic converters for diesel engines to reduce emissions and also dialysis and other similar medical device applications.


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