Latest Updates for Tritech’s Eclipse Multibeam Imaging Sonar

Visualise the underwater environment in 3D with Tritech's highly versatile multibeam sonar, Eclipse.

In line with Tritech’s policy of continuous product development; the Eclipse Multibeam Sonar system has undergone major software and partial hardware redevelopment, which encompass the following updates:
  •     The standard depth rating is now 1000m
  •     Eclipse no longer has Profiling/ bathymetry capability
  •     Eclipse now functions as an imaging sonar, providing 2D and 3D imaging modes of operation
  •     Dual sync mode no longer available
  •     New software
  •     A new manual
  •     New datasheet
These modifications immediately take effect and all systems shipped from now on will encompass these changes.

Through the use of Tritech's true time-delay beamforming and electronic beam steering technology, Eclipse can carry out horizontal and vertical measurements; making Eclipse the most flexible multibeam sonar on the market. Eclipse can be deployed on an ROV at depths down to 1000m both in Forward Looking Navigation and 3D Model View modes.

Applications for Tritech’s Eclipse Multibeam Imaging Sonar include; mattress laying in zero visibility, pipeline inspection, pipeline touchdown monitoring and harbour wall inspection.


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