Industrial Linear Actuators RA 600

Max. lifting force 1,000 to 6,000 N, stroke from 100 to 600 mm Version with limit switches or stroke measuring system. Linear actuators RA 600 are used for electrically-operated adjustments and as actuating elements in applications with control-oriented demands in short-time service. The actuators are suited for manifold industrial applications, indoors and outdoors.

Linear actuators RA 600 consist of a 24 V DC direct current drive, whose drive energy is transferred over a snail transmission and a spindle stroke transmission to the pushing rod. The self-locking spindle lifting gear stops the actuator in case of voltage drop and maintains it safely in the reached position. Features of the sturdy design are the generous dimensioning of the actuator and the solid design
of the housing.

Alternative to code class IP66 also a press and splash water protection as per code class IP69K is available as an option. Linear actuators RA 600 are protected against corrosion and function without any troubles also in rough operating and environmental conditions. Since they are maintenance-free, this is guaranteed permanently. The version with limit switches is equipped with 2 sensors, that prevent an unintentional movement to the mechanical stroke ends and thus
the overload of the mechanics.

The version with stroke measuring system allows the realisation of control-oriented applications and the operation of several linear actuators in synchronism. The stroke ends are freely definable by means of the digital signal.


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