Incredibly Cost Effective Ready-to-Use CNC Machine

The ICV 4030 CNC machine is a compact, tabletop machine in the Isel proven chassis design, which is constructed in a modular maintenance-friendly way and is ready to be connected to the mains. A controller including control computer with WINDOWS® operating system and safety devices are built into the machine case.

With a base of just 780 x 835mm the affordable CNC machine provides a traversing range of 395 x 300 x 95mm. A sliding hood that opens upward offering both safety and a lower noise protects the working area. In its design the engineers took great care to minimise resonance and vibration behaviour thus guaranteeing high quality working results. Due to its useful, convenient front sliding door, the machine can easily be operated while the operator is sitting in front of it.

All the linear axes of the ICV4030 are driven by servomotors with easy to maintain drive modules. A four-axis control unit integrated into the machine controls all drives and electronic modules of the CNC machine. This is a CAN controller iMC with 4 drive control modules, integrated control computer, I/O module, safety circuit, standstill monitoring and 48V/1000W power supply. It also incorporates a remote maintenance module providing user-friendly fault analysis.
Note: an external monitor and a keyboard are required.

The machine table is highly accurate with surface-milled precision and T-slot profiles providing optimum clamping capabilities for a wide range of work piece holders and fixtures. The table has a travel speed of 200mm/s and repeatability accuracy of 0.02mm.

Various machining units clamping systems, measuring fixtures and accessories extend the basis machine to a complete system for most various applications and branches.


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