Impressive Milling with SolidCAM 2011 iMachining, Live on a Hermle C30

SolidCAM has been for several years on a solid growth track. Sales and support of SolidCAM's integrated CAD/CAM solutions is managed worldwide through a network of resellers in 50 countries. In Germany, SolidCAM GmbH has five branch offices, with the HQ in Schramberg. SolidCAM GmbH was established in 1994 and has now 35 employees. "To achieve our ambitious sales targets", says Gerhard Lägeler, the COO of SolidCAM GmbH, "we will be adding more employees, especially those with practical experience in cutting technology and CAM. We are offering interesting employment opportunities."

As part of its expansion, SolidCAM GmbH is currently investing in a new 900 square meter office building in Schramberg. The futuristic looking building will house part of SolidCAM's sales and support team, two training rooms for 30 people and, most important, the new technology center with its own CNC machine tools for milling up to 5axes and mill-turn.

A Hermle C30 5-axis machining center is already installed. The complete move to the new office should be completed by mid-August. In October, a DMG mill-turn machine will be delivered. Gerhard Lägeler does not want to wait: "Our technology center is open from May 20 for interested visitors". Reason for the haste: to show the live cutting of the new iMachining module in SolidCAM 2011.

iMachining is a giant leap forward in CNC machining technology, reducing cutting times by up to 70% and increasing tool life dramatically. iMachining achieves these advantages by using Patent Pending "Controlled Stepover" technology and managing feed rates throughout the entire toolpath, ensuring constant tool load and allowing much deeper and more efficient cutting.

iMachining is driven by a knowledge-based Technology Wizard, which considers the CNC machine being used, the material being cut and the cutting tool data to provide optimal values of the cutting conditions.
Rainer Herbstreuter, manager of SolidCAM GmbH's Technology Center: "iMachining's superb milling operations have to be experienced live to fully understand their advantages. With a video camera installed in the working area of ​​the Hermle CNC machine, the cutting can be seen by all on an outside video screen. An experienced milling person will be very impressed by the fast programming in iMachining, with geometry definition and few parameter settings, and by the very impressive high metal removal rates during the machining. The controlled forces in iMachining protect the machine tool, increase dramatically the tool life and provide very good machining quality results".

After the May 20 launch, the new technology center will be doing regularly iMachining demonstrations, trainings, guest lectures and other events. Additional information on these future events can be found on the website.

Another main purpose for the new SolidCAM GmbH technology center is of course the hands-on training of SolidCAM GmbH's own staff and its resellers' staff. In the opinion of Gerhard Lägeler "We are creating a technical infrastructure that lends itself well for the additional practical training of skilled workers and technicians."


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