iMachining Seminar at SIMTech Singapore

SolidCAM & Advanced Technology Enterprise (ATE), a reseller in Singapore, conducted a half day seminar on SolidCAM’s new breakthrough product iMachining, in collaboration with SIMTech (Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology) on July 14, 2011, at SIMTech’s Auditorium in Singapore.

The event was attended by more than 125 people from various backgrounds - academics, researchers, & industry professionals of the precision and manufacturing Industries.

The audience was presented with iMachining, the latest breakthrough in SolidCAM's CAM technology.  This cutting edge technology is a giant leap forward in tool-path technology. iMachining reduces cutting times of up to 70% by optimizing tool engagement and cutting feed through the entire machining process. iMachining enables much deeper and more efficient cutting, driven by a “knowledge-based technology wizard”.

The presentation was followed by a live demonstration of iMachining on a demo part.  This part was then machined live on one of SIMTech’s Roeders Machine - the results were astounding to the attendees.  iMachining drew compliments from both skeptics and fans.

Mr. Sng Eng Sim, General Manager of ATE, commented on the event: “ iMachining is a real technological breakthrough in machining. It will certainly help machining enterprises in Singapore to improve productivity, by cutting down machining time drastically and improving cutting tool life”.

Eddie Pevzner, SolidCAM Sales Manager for APAC: “Even though iMachining was released recently, we already received a lot of positive feedback from our worldwide resellers. The feedback from customers is incredible - reporting huge savings in time and money, using the new iMachining technology.  I’m sure with iMachining, SolidCAM and its customers will break new records!” 


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