Honeywell Experion R300

Experion R310 continues to deliver on Honeywell’s commitment to enhance safety by minimizing the impact of incidents, keep plant on-line longer and reduce the total cost of ownership.  The latest innovation features integrated safety, peer-control data interface, C300 simulation, Series C digital input module with sequence of events, embedded, batch automation, alarm shelving and others.

Honeywell delivers balanced approach to safety integration that brings the benefits of operational integration while maintaining critical system segregation.  Experion R310 and Safety Manager 131 features control and safety integration at the peer communication level.

In sharing critical information between Safety Manager and the Experion C300 controller, the system can provide plant-wide SIS point data, diagnostics and system information, as well as alarms and events, operator displays and sequence of event information to any Experion station located in a plant. This integration allows plants to improve production by minimizing intervention and shutdowns, and recover more easily from process upsets and reduces hardware and installation costs.

The Peer Control Data Interface (PCDI) is a flexible set of C300 controller function blocks for direct communication with third party devices, such as analyzers and PLCs, using direct Modbus TCP communications over Ethernet, or conveniently multiplexing Modbus serial links over Ethernet to the C300 via a Modbus/TCP gateway.  This eliminates using Serial Interface Module hardware wiring so that end-users can use one redundant FTE network and reduce hardware and wiring costs, simplify installation and improve reliability.

The 2-port Modbus Firewall enhances Experion security by only allowing Modbus messages and a limited rate of Ethernet management messages to pass through; all other message types are blocked. It is rated for industrial environments and mounts on a DIN rail, typically near the Modbus device and requires no configuration.


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