Honeywell Experion Mobile Station

Wireless technology extends the scope of process automation beyond the control room. Honeywell’s Mobile Station is the first wireless mobile productivity solution that extends access to critical process information, historical data, graphics and other key functions to the field. Mobile Station comprises a powerful family of solutions for relaying control system information to remote users where and when needed. Whether using Honeywell’s eServer technology or a direct Station connection, these solutions are optimized for specific customer applications, ranging from read-only access over the Intranet by multiple casual users, to secure system access for mobile operators.

Using a wireless Station tablet or other handheld device, Mobile Station solutions simplify security and minimize performance impact on the control system. This uses existing Station displays and HMIWeb technology to eliminate costly and error-prone display re-engineering.

Ways to implement Mobile Station include:
  • Mobile Access for eServer Standard - Enables Web-based, device-independent access to process information. As a highly scalable, zero footprint solution, this allows plant data to be viewed directly on a wireless handheld device using a Web browser.
  • Mobile Access for eServer Premium - Enables dynamic, read-only access to process information. This solution dynamically delivers system data and displays from the Experion system directly to a wireless handheld device. Designed as a read-only solution, this prevents unwanted access to control functions while still viewing live process graphics in a secure environment.
  • Mobile Access for Station — Provides a fully functional Experion Station on a handheld device. Operational changes, strictly controlled by the system permissions assigned to the operator and handheld device, can be made to the Experion system.


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