High Performance Hardness Testers from Hemetek Techno Instruments

High performance hardness testers and accessories from Newage Testing Instruments Inc, are available throughout India from Hemetek Techno Instruments PVT. Ltd.   This comprehensive range includes instruments for Rockwell, Brinell, and Microhardness testing in accordance with ASTM test methods and applicable standards  (and durometers for testing rubber and other materials to ASTM and IRHD standards).

Hemetek Techno Instruments PVT. Ltd offers an impressive range of internationally recognized materials testing equipment which includes the Newage hardness testers, Lloyd Instruments’ materials testing machines, Davenport polymer test equipment and Chatillon force measurement products. All of these are AMETEK brands and are part of the AMETEK Measurement & Calibration Technologies Division.

Recognizing that there is a wide range of testing requirements, experts from Hemetek can advise customers on the most suitable instrument for the application, using the best principles of hardness testing and taking into account the shape and dimensions of the test sample. The extensive product portfolio from Newage Testing Instruments offers a choice of performance levels, depending on the productivity and resolution needed. Newage hardness testers excel at testing in real-world conditions by reducing the effects of vibration, operator influence, and part deflection due to dirt, scale and other factors.

In addition to the extensive range of hardness testers, Newage Testing Instruments offers Brinell optical systems and software for measurement, data acquisition and analysis and a comprehensive range of accessories, including test blocks, anvils, indenters and more.


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