Germ and Oil Free Compressed Air from BEKO Technologies in One Process Stage

BEKO Technologies have received certification from the GFPS (which translates as the Society for Production Hygiene and Sterility) for the production of amicrobic compressed air using the BEKOKAT catalytic converter which has a principle function of removing hydrocarbons from compressed air.

The test equipment was a BEKOKAT CC-060 with a CLEARPOINT superfine filter and a DRYPOINT RA refrigeration dryer. Measurements were carried out in front of the BEKOKAT, after the BEKOKAT and the CLEARPOINT filter and after the CLEARPOINT and the DRYPOINT RA dryer.

The test used Bacillus Atrophaeus ATCC 9732 spores. The sampling was performed according to ISO 8573-7 “Compressed Air-Part 7: Test method for viable microbiological contaminant content,  issue 2003-05.

The bacillus was introduced to the system after the compressor. It is a very active, resistant to changing conditions and very adaptable. The average bacterial load at the inlet of the BEKOKAT was 2265 KBE/M3 (colony forming units). The test was a long term one repeated 3 times. The BEKOKAT reactor temperature was between 140 and 165ºC.

After the processing equipment no germs could be detected. With this long term rigorous testing production of germ free and oil free compressed in one processing step can be confirmed.


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