The EMI 22 Magnetic Incremental Encoder Functions Fine Underwater

An Aquarium company had a problem and came to Micromech – whose engineers recommended the Eltra EMI 22 for an underwater application.  Compact dimensions and being able to operate across a wide temperature range from -25 to +125 °C were other crucial parameters.

Further important features of the EM series are: no need for physical contact between encoder and motor shaft; high resolution and precision; high working speed (max. rotation speed 10,000 rpm); excellent mechanical robustness; and very easy mounting.

Of course, most important in the case of this application was the need for a high enclosure rating of IP68 and with the body, housing and magnet-carrier material made of aluminium (D11S UNI 9002/5) a long life is assured.

The EMI 22 is very robust, withstanding shocks of 50G/11ms and vibration 10G/10 to 2000 Hz, yet resolution is incremental up to 2048 p.p.r. The current consumption without load is 100mA maximum and maximum load current is 15mA for channel.

Besides this special application the EMI series encoders are also ideal in such areas as electric motors, marine industry, iron/steel industry and textile machines. In addition they are well suited in many other tough environments including: woodworking, paper working, glass-working, marble-working machinery, automation and process control fields.


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