Emerson Launches Wireless Corrosion and Sand Monitoring System

Emerson Process Management today launched its Roxar CorrLog & SandLog Wireless transmitters. The new system combines Emerson’s Smart Wireless technology with Roxar corrosion and sand monitoring instrumentation to provide a complete wireless integrity management solution for protecting operators’ downstream and upstream assets.

At a time when operators are facing continued production challenges from sand and corrosion and all too often a lack of integration across their asset integrity management systems, the new transmitters will provide flexible, cost effective and accurate online monitoring of sand and corrosion, extending equipment life and increasing production from reservoirs.

“We all know how important it is for operators to protect the integrity and extend the life of their downstream and upstream assets, and we also know that the age-old threats of sand and corrosion remain significant obstacles to the successful flow of hydrocarbons from refinery to reservoir,” said Kjell Wold of Emerson Process Management.  “With no wire line installation costs, highly sensitive and accurate sensors, and direct integration to a WirelessHart™ network, the Roxar CorrLog & SandLog wireless transmitters meet these challenges head-on, resulting in improved operator insight and greater control over production operations. The Roxar CorrLog & SandLog wireless transmitters are a great example of how Emerson’s industry leading automation, wireless and digital expertise are combining with the very best in Roxar instrumentation to provide a complete solution from reservoir to transmission.”

 Key benefits of the Roxar CorrLog & SandLog Wireless transmitters include:
  • Flexible & Cost Effective. The wireless transmitters will result in a significant reduction in installation costs compared to wired online systems and will also allow for monitoring in previously inaccessible areas. Furthermore, a 20 meter probe cable between probes and transmitters ensures increased flexibility, optimum positioning, and easy maintenance.
  • Increased Accuracy & Reliability with a low risk of  signal loss in high risk applications, better data and trending, and highly sensitive sensors generating improved information for asset integrity protection.  All probe functions (Electrical Resistance (ER), Linear Polarization Resistance (LPR) and Galvanic) are integrated within the Roxar CorrLog transmitter and multi-element sand/erosion probes are incorporated within the Roxar SandLog transmitter to provide increased accuracy.
  • Seamless Integration.  The Roxar CorrLog & SandLog Wireless transmitters are one element of a complete asset integrity system with direct integration through the Smart Wireless Gateway and access to Roxar Fieldwatch, Emerson’s windows-based field monitoring system for advanced data analysis. Probes can be read from other manufacturers and the direct transmission of metal loss values, for example, can be fed into Fieldwatch for improved monitoring and analysis.
 The CorrLog and SandLog Wireless Transmitter systems are based on intrusive sensors that are installed into pipes or vessels through an access fittings system. Access systems are divided into low pressure systems, such as retractable probes often used in refineries or chemical plants, and high pressure subsea systems, where the Roxar ROV Retrieval System is recommended. The Roxar CorrLog & SandLog wireless transmitters are certified by ATEX and other standards bodies.

The operating principles of the sand probe are based on the Electrical Resistance (ER) corrosion probe technique which relies on the erosive effects of sand particles on thin non-corrosive elements mounted on a probe inserted into the pipe. The Roxar CorrLog Wireless corrosion transmitter is based on the proven, highly accurate and field reliable CorrLog instrument.


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