Ecopac Power Launch a 90 Watt IP Rated Power Supply with Built in Dimming Function

The LPF-90D series are supplied with built in 3 – 1 dimming function, allowing designers the ability to dim the 90-watt power supply by either changing the resistance, by using a 1-10Vdc adjustments or PWM signal.
With built in active power factor protection the LPF-90D series are manufactured to IP67 standards. With the use of full potting and heat-conducted glue the plastic case enclosure has been designed with 94V-0 fire   prevention level.

This Mean Well power supply can absorb up to 5G vibrations and protects the internal electronic components against dust and moisture ingress. The Mean Well LPF-90D series have up to 91% of high efficiency and can operate from -40°c up to +70°c with only free air convection, this allows the 90 watt power supply to be used for any applications in harsh environments.

Designed with wide range input of 90 – 305 Vac the LPF-90D series not only meet the harmonic current limitation for EN61000-3-2 Class C at 60% of load, they also meet power factor >0.9 if the loading is over 60%, this allows the LPF-90D to comply with the requirements of a typical lighting application.
Manufactured with a 3 year warranty Mean Well have designed the new LPF-90D series with double isolated cable-style input and output cables. The input is SJTW 18AWG x 2C/30cm and the output is SVT 18AWG x 2C/30cm with additional control wires 18AWG x 2C to allow for the dimming control.

With Class II AC input without field ground and protection for short circuit, over voltage, overload, and over temperature these 90 watt Mean Well IP rated power supplies comply with global certificates per UL8750, EN61347-1, EN61347-2-13, and EN55015. As a Class II power supply the Mean Well LPF-90F series pass Low Power Source and have worldwide certificates of UL / CUL / TUV / CB / CE.


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