Ecopac Power Announce the Release of the Latest LED Power Supplies from Mean Well

These 12-watt and 16-watt enclosed LED power supplies meet the requirement for lower wattage highly efficient small and economical units. Designed for applications where space is at a premium and cost is an issue, these Mean Well LED power supplies are available in both constant current and constant voltage options.  The constant current APC-12 and APC-16 are 12 watt and 16 watt LED power supplies available in 350mA and 700mA with universal inputs and up to 84% high efficiency they can function from -30°c up to +70°c with only free air convection.

Mean Well have manufactured the constant voltage APV-12 and APV-16 for any application that does not need high IP ratings, this allows the costs to be kept low for projects and systems that do not require waterproofing.

The designs of these Mean Well LED power supplies provide built in standard features including short circuit, overload, over voltage protections. The inputs and outputs are supplied pre wired the input at 18AWGx2C (15cm) and output at 20AWGx2C (15cm). With a 2 year warranty the APV-12, APV-16, APC-12 and APC-16 Mean Well LED power supplies are all designed with a plastic enclosed case that has fire prevention level 94V-0 and isolation class II with no field ground.


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