Compact, High Performance Ballistic Range Camera

The SIR3 Ballistic Range Camera from Specialised Imaging Ltd. is a new generation ultra-high speed camera designed to withstand the harsh environment of the proofing ground and to provide high reliability as well as superior image quality. Listening to customer feedback the SIR3 camera is smaller and lighter but maintains the high performance and robustness of its popular predecessor -  the SIR2.

Maintaining its commitment to the technological development of its products - Specialised Imaging Ltd. have introduced several useful innovations on the SIR3 camera.  These include the addition of an optical viewfinder to ease image focus and framing whilst still maintaining the possibility of electronic focusing using an external TFT monitor and simplified focus button. Using the input from two separate sensors - SureShot™ real-time hardware enables reliable image capture of unpredictable high-speed objects mid frame - first time, every time.  This advance in trigger reliability also enables researchers to narrow the field-of-view of the camera, thereby increasing the achievable resolution of results.  A proprietary ruggedised Nikon F-mount, included as standard on the SIR3, incorporates a manual aperture adjuster allowing modern lenses without manual aperture control, to be used.  The camera control software is the same as for the SIR2, which makes migration for the end user much easier.

The SIR3 sets a new benchmark in terms of ultimate resolution, sensitivity, timing accuracy, and measurement capabilities.  The 11-million pixel images provide more detail than any other high-speed camera in its class. The SIR3 extends ballistic test  range capabilities further with its unique ability to acquire two separate full resolution images.  This novel feature provides valuable information on displacement and velocity for ballistics, detonics and impact studies.  The rigid all-metal IP54 compliant construction of the compact SIR3 makes it ideally suited to withstand even harsh industrial and defence research environments.

All imaging functions can be controlled over standard 1Gbps Ethernet enabling the SIR3 to be easily integrated into almost any imaging environment.  Comprehensive operational software provides simple control of imaging parameters and extensive measurement tools to accurately analyse results.   Image archiving in a wide range of industry standard file formats is supported.  For situations where more complex measurements are required, several cameras can be operated from a single control computer with timings for all camera linked to the same control screen.


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