CBR Stainless Steel Compression Bending Ring Load Cell

  •     Ranges 5000, 10000, 20000, 30000kg
  •     Stainless steel fully welded construction
  •     Sealed to IP68
  •     Rationalised output
  •     1000ohm bridge resistance
  •     Small size and low profile
  •     Silo/vessel mounting assembly option available

The LCM range of CBR compression bending ring load cells have been specifically designed for vessel/silo weighing and weighbridge applications, where low height is essential, without compromising on accuracy.

The CBR offers superb performance with regards to accuracy and environmental protection. The stainless steel design and fully welded assembly offers protection levels to IP68.

There are various mounting assemblies available for the CBR, enabling customers the opportunity to install the CBR quickly and realise the best accuracy and performance from the product.

The CBR can also be supplied with a complete instrumentation system, giving the customer a single source for their complete system. Contact our technical department to discuss your instrumentation and control requirements.


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