BEKO Technologies Increase Stock Holdings to Include Activated Carbon

BEKO Technologies continue to strive for higher levels of customer service. During the recession which hit industry hard in 2008, BEKO Technologies decided that the only way to do more than just survive would be to increase the satisfaction of our customers and prospective customers when dealing with us.

A major part of this strategy was to go the opposite way to conventional thinking and increase stocks of not only consumables but capital equipment. BEKO UK decided at that point to stock fridge dryers up to 800 cfm. The effect on market share has been dramatic and the product is excellent so everybody is happy. BEKO extended this policy in 2009 to filter elements, desiccant and molecular sieve. The logic behind this was that our competitors had destocked and were giving long and sometimes unacceptable lead times.

So BEKO now stock several tonnes of desiccant and sieve and a comprehensive range of own brand and competitive elements. The latest decision is to add activated carbon in large quantities to the list of materials stocked. We will have stocks sufficient to supply our distributors with all their needs for filters, towers and breathing systems.


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