B 1.8310 Electric Swing Clamps

top flange, with position monitoring, DC voltage 24 V, minimum energy demand. Electric swing clamps are designed exclusively for clamping or holding of workpieces in industrial applications. They can generate very high clamping forces. The workpiece, the fixture or the machine must be in the position to compensate these forces. In the effective area of piston rod and clamping arm there is the danger of crushing. The manufacturer
of the fixture or the machine is obliged to provide effective protection devices.

During loading and unloading of the fixture and during clamping a collision with the clamping arm has to be avoided. If there is any danger that fluids penetrate into the electric swing clamp, the screw plug at the venting port G 1/8 has to be removed and a vent hose has to be connected. The other end of the hose has to be placed to an absolutely dry area.

The electric swing clamp is driven by a brushless DC motor. The motor speed is transformed by means of a gear and a threaded spindle into the swing and stroke movement of the piston rod. For swinging the clamping arm by 180°, an axial stroke of only 3 mm is required. If the clamping arm collides during the swing motion with a workpiece, the mechanism is protected against overload. The direct current motor is automatically and immediately switched off. When unclamping, the clamping arm always swings back to the off-position.


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