B 1.827 Compact Clamps

Compact clamps are designed for application in hydraulic clamping fixtures where oil supply is effected through drilled channels in the fixture body. Due to the minimum space required the compact clamp is especially suitable for clamping fixtures with little space for the installation of hydraulic clamping elements. A clamping recess in the workpiece a little bit wider than the clamping lever is sufficient as clamping surface.

The hydraulic compact clamp is a double-acting pull-type cylinder where a part of the linear stroke is used to swing the clamping lever onto the workpiece. In unclamping position the clamping lever is swung up so that the workpiece can be unloaded without problems. In the clamping area, the clamping lever slides downwards at two nitrated surfaces of the body. In one of these surfaces there is a small bore hole for the standard pneumatic clamping monitoring. In the clamping area, this bore hole is closed by the clamping lever as soon as the
lever gets in contact with the workpiece and the clamping force exceeds a minimum value.

The version with cover is inserted in open bore holes and enables the smallest possible building height. The version without cover requires a closed pocket hole. Beside the short clamping lever, also a long clamping lever is available, that is provided for reworking to the desired length and contour.


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