ADP15 AC-DC Voltage and Current Input Digital Indicator and Controller

  •     Microprocessor based design
  •     Full calibration & programming via keypad & communications import
  •     Isolated inputs & outputs range AC & DC powering
  •     3 year guarantee
  •     PID Control
  •     Isolated Analogue Outputs
  •     Fail safe alarm/relay outputs
  •     4½ digit high resolution
  •     AC Voltage 0 to 200V
  •     AC Current 0 to 1Amp
  •     DC Voltages 20mV to 200V
  •     DC Current 2mV to 200mA
  •     Peak hold

The ADP15 range of products is very versatile, accepting a wide range of different signal input types and ranges.

The ADP15 flexibility makes it the first choice for many control system designers. Supporting products like PC software, printers, and sensors, means most customers can deal with a single supplier.

Outputs include:- Analogue voltage and current, Industry standard digital communications, Relays, Printer Drive.

Options and Accessories include:-

Panel mounting via DIN rail mounting
IF25 Interface module (connects up to 25off ADP15's to one RS232 port)
Power supplies for 110/230VAC or 9-32VDC
Communications for Printer, PLC or PC  Software Options:- Power Factor Printers DP data only and TDP for real time/date.

The ADP15 can be supplied as part of a system, including many of the wide range of LCM Systems sensors and instrumentation. Please contact our technical department to discuss your application.


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