3D Flight Characterization of High-Speed Objects

Specialised Imaging Ltd. has announced a new version of its popular Trajectory Tracker video tracking system to precisely correlate high-speed video data with 3D visualisation and measurement information. Designed to enable engineers and ballisticians fully understand the flight behaviour of high speed objects the SI Tracker 2 builds upon the proven performance of its predecessor with new facility for full motorised 3-axis remote control, pseudo real-time scan correction and greater accuracy all in a compact lightweight frame. Designed to house the most modern high speed video cameras the SI Tracker 2 offers unmatched performance, durability and ease-of-use. The new system provides consistent and accurate tracking of objects in flight using a computer-controlled triggered rotating mirror positioned infront of a high speed video camera.

In order to fully evaluate the failure modes of high speed objects, it is often necesary to observe their flight performance over a significant proportion of the trajectory. The SI Tracker 2 allows observations to be made of inflight behaviour of high-speed objects over more than 100 metres with a tracking accuracy of better than 0.2 degrees over its full scan. The resulting slow motion record of the test object inflight allows accurate diagnosis of events such as fin deployment and motor burn time as well as calculation of pitch, yaw and spin rate.

Using multiple input triggers positioned down range enables the SI Tracker 2 to correct in real-time scan speed and position thereby allowing accurate 3D tracking of high-speed objects such as Earth re-entry space vehicles that exhibit unpredictable flight behaviour.


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