Zipline™ Fluorescent Retrofit Solution Work Smarter-Not Harder with Zipline

Engineered for commercial and institutional retrofits, Zipline is an industry-first linear fluorescent lighting fixture retrofit solution that reduces installation time and eliminates wiring errors. Zipline requires fewer pieces, fewer connections and up to half the installation time. This exclusive system utilizes an integrated ballast and lampholder. The result is a self-contained assembly unit that greatly decreases components and wiring points when retrofitting existing lighting fixtures for use with energy efficient lamps. Zipline combines nine separate components into two easy-to-install modules. Installation is quick and easy using only two screws per side, streamlining the retrofit process. This effectively removes the most time consuming installation processes – wire connections and socket installation – allowing for up to twice as many retrofit fixture installations in the same amount of time.

With the world wide push for energy savings, companies are realizing the wisdom in retrofitting old, outdated lighting fixtures to more energy efficient equipment. Commercial/Industrial lighting accounts for up to 50% of the US’s $75 billion in lighting bills. The Zipline Retrofit Solution will enable utilizing existing fixtures and transform them from high-cost and high maintenance into energy efficient fixtures. Zipline makes the conversion process far less labor intensive and more cost effective than ever.


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