High Capacitance, Low Profile, Panel Mount Capacitors for EMI Filtering

Leading UK passive component manufacturer, Syfer, has announced the availability of a number of important extensions to its already wide range of solder-in panel mount EMI filters.

Advanced in-house research and development has resulted in the introduction of a series of discoidal capacitor versions, which offer the advantage of high capacitance values, up to several microfarads, in a compact and robust package. Ideal as low-profile, panel mount filters, the SFSS devices are constructed with a discoidal capacitor soldered to a feedthrough pin. They are offered with a choice of C0G/NP0 or X7R ceramic dielectrics.

Available in 5 different diameters (2.3mm, 2.8mm, 3mm, 5mm and 8.75mm), capacitance values range from 10pF to an impressive 2.2µF. Working voltages range from 50V to 3kV and operating temperature range is -55 to 125oC. These devices are able to withstand a solder-in temperature of 250°C. Syfer maintains its global reputation for performance, offering the highest voltage and capacitance for any given size. For designers looking for space saving solutions, Syfer’s solder-in EMI filter ranges allow the specification of smaller parts when compared to competitive offerings. Custom devices can also be produced on request.

Aimed primarily at applications where high filtering performance is required, these low cost, yet robust and reliable devices will also meet the demands of equipment manufacturers in the communications, industrial, military/aerospace and sensors markets.

The SFSS discoidal series joins the existing SFSR, SFST and SFSU ranges of feedthrough EMI filters for soldering direct to a chassis or panel, suitable for hole diameters of 2.9mm, 3.5mm and 5.8mm respectively. Featuring a metal body and epoxy encapsulation, they offer superior filtering performance in a robust package. Working voltages are from 50Vdc to 500Vdc.


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