Development of the HWS-L/BAT Series of Power Supply Units for Charging Secondary Batteries.

TDK Corporation (President: Takehiro Kamigama, Head Office: Nihonbashi, Chuoku, Tokyo) announces that it has developed the HWS-L/BAT series of power supply units for charging secondary batteries available as an option for TDK-Lambda's HWS series of standard power supplies for industrial equipment. The new series is available in 600W and 1000W types (4 models in total). It has been marketed by TDK-Lambda Corporation (President: Yoshiaki Hirota, Head Office: Nihonbashi, Chuoku, Tokyo). Orders can be placed from July 1, 2012.

Since the Great East Japan Earthquake, there have been increasing concerns over power loss at the time of disasters such as mega earthquakes or shortage of electricity supply during the summer season. It is vital for all industries to secure electricity in emergency situations And, consequently, there is an increasing need for power backup systems using secondary batteries. Responding to such requirements, TDK has developed the “HWS-L/BAT series” of constant current power supplies for small to medium capacity secondary batteries based on the existing “HWS series” already well established in the industrial equipment market. They can also operate in parallel mode so that a wide range of battery capacities can be handled.

The HWS-L/BAT series constant current power supplies have been developed from the “HWS series” products that are already well established in the industrial equipment market. They are optimal for charging small to medium capacity secondary batteries in both constant current and constant voltage charge modes. In addition, charge current and maximum charge voltage can be preset at any level within the range allowed by the specifications. A charger configuration can easily be built by combining backflow prevention diodes and circuitry to stop the charge operation at the time of battery failure. The HWS-L/BAT series power supplies, together with the EVA series power supplies for medium to large capacity applications that have been recently released, can meet a wide range of customer requirements.

Main features
  •     Constant current power supply whose current and maximum charge voltage can be adjusted by the embedded trimmer.
  •     Capable of handling constant current and constant voltage charging. Optimal for charging many kinds of rechargeable batteries.
  •     Capable of handling both 24V and 48V secondary batteries. Available in 600W and 1,000W types, total 4 models.
  •     Parallel operation
  •     Small form factor just like the HWS series


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