Seoul Semiconductor Releases a Price-Competitive and High-Efficiency LED

Today, Seoul Semiconductor, one of the world’s leading LED manufactures, announced the brand-new, high-intensity Z-Power LED series titled ‘Z4.’ Seoul Semiconductor has continuously expanded its LED product line in accordance with its 2011 business plan which targets to release a new product that is suitable for different markets every month.

The new model is a 1W LED light which is the most demanding in the current LED market. It is good for general lighting such as incandescent lamp and MR16 bulb-type lighting. In particular, it is very competitive in terms of price with outstanding luminous efficiency (100lm/W) and luminous flux of 100ml. And it also provides the best brightness, efficiency and color rendering properties of 1W LED with high CRI which is greater than 85.

Z4 LED helps to prevent degradation in high temperature which is the most controversial aspect of the LED package, with exceptional reliability and high protection against heat in comparison with competitive products. Above all, a price-competitive Z4 is highly competitive product in ‘cost/lm’ which is most important for LED for lighting. Until now, LED performance was judged by ‘lm/W’, but now ‘cost/lm’ is more important for performance after releasing high intensity products over 100lm. In addition, it has adopted a silicon lens for optical safety. This product is available in two colors: warm white and cool white.

In-sup Ra, Vice president of Seoul Semiconductor, said, “We have developed the high-efficiency, low-price Z4 series with the goal of increasing our market share in the world’s most demanding 1W LED market.” He added, “We believe that we will be able to further expand the incandescent lamp and MR16 bulb-type LED lighting market and enhance price competitiveness with this new product.”


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