New IEC Power Entry Modules with 2-Pole Power Switch

The new FN 9264 IEC Power Entry Modules extend market leader Schaffner's wide-ranging product line with a 2-pole power switch version. They are mechanically compatible with the proven FN 9263 series with 1-pole power switch and are appealing due to very good damping characteristics and an outstanding performance/size ratio.

FN 9264 filter modules with their standard IEC C14 inlet combine the function of the proven Schaffner EMC/EMI filter with a 2-pole rocker switch in a compact, fully shielded steel housing. Faston connectors make it easy to connect the cable to the device. Thanks to the optimized metal surface the filter modules ensure optimum interference suppression even with narrow space to magnetic components or cables inside the device.

EMC/EMI filters of the FN9264 series are designed for a maximum permanent operating voltage of 250 VAC and are available as flange mount version with rated currents from 1A to 10A.

Naturally, these filters have been reviewed by UL, CSA, ENEC and CQC for worldwide application. They are RoHS and REACH compliant and fulfill the IEC/EN60601-1 requirements for medical applications with the low leakage version (B type).


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