KILOVAC CAP202 Contactors

KILOVAC CAP202 Series contactors from TE Connectivity are two-pole, single-throw devices capable of handling 350 A per pole voltage range of 12 to 900 Vdc.

The contactors are designed for flexible application in high-voltage dc converter systems, test equipment, power distribution, and power motion control. Because the main contacts are not polarity sensitive, bidirectional switching is enabled. In addition, the devices are not position sensitive and can be mounted in any orientation.

Hermetic sealing makes the contactors safe for application in harsh/corrosive environments and eliminates contact oxidation over periods of non-use. An integrated coil economizer reduces the power required to hold the contacts closed to 270 mA at 28 Vdc. Coil suppression reduces radiated coil emissions for EMC compliance.

Up to four optional single-pole, double-throw auxiliary switch outputs support 2 A at 30 Vdc or 5 mA at 6 V for signals.


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