Low-Cost Cortex-M3 Emulator with Real-Time Trace

Signum Systems Corp., a debug and emulation tool company today announced a JTAGjet-Trace-CM3 emulator that provides development and debugging support with real-time trace for Cortex-M3 based microcontrollers.

Signum Systems’ JTAGjet-Trace-CM3 emulator supports all Cortex-M3 based devices equipped with Embedded Trace Macrocell (ETM). Silicon manufacturers that provide Cortex-M3 based microcontrollers with ETM trace include NXP, ST Micro, Texas Instruments and Toshiba.

The new emulator comes with high-speed (480 Mbps) USB 2.0 port, Chameleon Debugger and a driver for Keil/ARM uVision debugger.

The on-board 4.5 MBytes of trace memory is used to capture and store in real-time the execution path of the Cortex-M3 device to add extra visibility into the executing code and allow tracing of the selected variables.

The trace information may be filtered in real-time to allow only the relevant information to be stored in the trace buffer. Once captured the information may be further filtered to make the process of finding and identifying captured information faster and easier. Connection to target is via a flexible 4-in cable terminated with a high-density, 20-pin connector.

The included Chameleon Debugger for Cortex-M3 is a professional debugger designed specifically for all embedded systems development needs, from low-level driver development and application debugging to system testing and verification. The debugger is compatible with all ARM compilers that produce the ELF files. For added convenience, the emulator seamlessly integrates with Keil uVision3 debugger.


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