Plantraco Debuts the Most Precisely Maneuverable Remote Control Car To Ever Roam - Your Desk!

At the heart of Plantraco's ZenWheels Micro Car is the Roving Networks RN-42 Bluetooth module which enables drivers to enjoy the full fun of driving by Smartphone wireless remote control with a level of precision almost impossible to believe!

The car is less than 1 inch tall, but it has a real rack and pinion steering system, working headlights, signal lights, horn and siren.  It even has a clever built-in timing system for keeping track of who's the best driver!  With Zen-like haptic controls on the free app (for iPhone, iTouch, or iPad), you can maneuver slowly and smoothly for precision parallel parking, and you can also drive fast enough to get into heaps of trouble on the autocross course!  Videos of the exciting action can be seen at

“Designing our new car using Roving's technology and using their readily available technical support teams made the wireless communications section of our ZenWheels project extremely simple.  This allowed us to concentrate on the miniaturization of the electromechanical components,” said Bud Kays, Managing Director for Plantraco.

“Good technical support is one of the key things customers look for,” commented Nick Dutton, Technical Sales and Customer Marketing Director for Roving Networks.  “We attempt to make every customer successful by giving them the support they deserve.  Plantraco has been great fun to work with and offered us new and unique issues to consider; we know that their customers will love this great product.”

The RN-42-APL version of the RN-42 is fully approved by Apple® for use with their iOS operating system on platforms such as the iPhone or iPad.  In addition, the modules come with regulatory approval from government bodies such as the FCC and other international organizations.  The APL variants support the unique discovery, connection and authentication process required by Apple’s iOS platform when creating Bluetooth connections, but the modules also support other platforms such as those running Windows, OS X and Android operating systems.  The modules substantially reduce development time by directly communicating with the authentication coprocessor allowing the host microcontroller to operate as it would in any Bluetooth application. 


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