Pantheon Supports LTE, Wi-Fi 802.11, 802.11ac and GPS

Taoglas USA, Inc., a provider of antenna solutions to the M2M market, today launched the MA.750 Pantheon 5-in-1 Antenna, which is optimized for next-generation transport applications and supports LTE, Wi-Fi 802.11n, emerging 802.11ac and GPS.

A high-efficiency, high-gain MIMO antenna that is also rugged and durable, the MA.750 is aimed at wireless applications for vehicles such as new fleet management and video location solutions that perform real-time video uplinks and downlinks. The new MA.750 combines five high-efficiency, high-gain antennas in a robust, IP67 direct-mount package and offers excellent isolation (20dB+).

The MA.750 has its own ground plane and can radiate on any mounting environment such as metal or plastic without any impact on performance. Its cables are low loss, allowing for lengths of up to 10 meters, which is critical for applications involving buses, trains and other commercial transport vehicles.

"The demand for new wireless communications services in the transport industry is exploding but these require advanced antenna technology which is a critical part in delivering high signal-to-noise ratios and high throughput," stated Ronan Quinlan, director at Taoglas. "Our customers rely on us to continually offer ever-smaller, affordable, high-performance antennas like our new MA.750 that support new and emerging specifications and standards."


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