Honeywell’s New Industrial Automation Solution Helps Facilities Start-Up Sooner, Reduce Install Costs & Increase Productivity

Honeywell’s new Experion PKS Orion, the latest version of the company’s flagship process automation and control technology, can help refineries, offshore oil and gas platforms, chemical plants and manufacturers reduce installation costs by up to 33 percent, and operate more efficiently and safely as they strive to meet higher production expectations in the face of steadily rising global energy demands.

Experion PKS Orion significantly reduces the many months typically required to install complex process control systems and reduces costs for the plant. By installing Honeywell’s new technology, a large refinery that produces up to 5,000 barrels of oil per day could begin production as much as a month ahead of schedule, which can save up to $50 million in production and capital costs.

The next generation technology was introduced to industrial facility operators by Jason Urso, vice president of technology for Honeywell Process Solutions at the annual Honeywell User Group event in Phoenix, AZ.

“Safer and more-efficient operations should never come at the expense of each other - all plants should strive to do both,” Urso said. “In the face of potentially hazardous operations, Experion PKS Orion tightly integrates control and safety systems to help avoid injury to people, the environment and equipment, and it does so while helping manufacturers get their products to market faster.”


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