SkyeTek Launches Plug-and-Play Desktop USB Reader for UHF Applications

SkyeTek, Inc., a leading provider of RFID reader and software technology, today announced availability of the SR70 Desktop USB reader / writer for UHF applications.  The SR70 incorporates SkyeTek’s award winning M7 reader technology and SkyeReader Console software to deliver an attractive combination of reliable performance and plug-and-play usability.  This rich functionality combined with a $369 quantity price makes the SR70 the price-performance leader in its category.

“The SR70 extends SkyeTek’s position as a leading provider of reader module technology into the category of off-the-shelf, finished RFID readers,” said Rob Balgley, CEO of SkyeTek. “Our module customers consistently ask us to develop finished RFID readers based on our award-winning reader technology, and the SR70 represents our first response to those requests.  The feedback has been exceedingly positive with several customers having already placed production orders prior to general availability. Given this success, the SR70 will be the first in a line of finished RFID readers offered by SkyeTek that will cover applications on the desktop as well as those for standard-size doorways and smart-cabinets.”

The SR70 is an excellent match for reading and writing to tagged items and documents in desktop applications such as tag commissioning, shipping / receiving, point-of-sale, and check-in / check-out. Cost, space, and power efficiency coupled with an intuitive installation process and easy-to-use software make it particularly well suited for large scale deployments across the enterprise. The SR70’s firmware is also field upgradeable allowing for support of future tags once they become available.

Desktop RFID readers must be ready for operation within minutes of being plugged into a PC. The SR70 meets these requirements with plug-and-play USB 2.0 connectivity, industry standard EPC Class 1 Gen 2 tag support, and easy-to-use SkyeReader Console software. Excellent read / write performance confined within a small 5.8” by 3.5” footprint (for cross read elimination) is achieved via the integrated directional antenna, power control, and tag anti-collision / filtering algorithms.  The SR70 is certified for use in North and South America.  Support for Europe and select countries in Asia will be made available in future releases of the product.


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