THAT Corporation Expands Analog Engine® Series

THAT Corporation has announced that the 4320 series of Analog Engine dynamics processor ICs now includes a space saving 5 x 5 mm QFN package. This tiny QFN package saves over 55% on board space. The THAT 4320 is intended for use in companding noise reduction systems and can be configured for use in multi-band companders, limiters, AGCs and de-essers.

The THAT 4320 includes a high-performance voltage controlled amplifier, 4 op amps, a true-rms level detector and a proportional to absolute temperature (PTAT) voltage reference used to generate thermally compensated control voltages for threshold and gain settings. This single-chip Analog Engine operates from a single supply, from 16 V down to +4.5 V, and draws only 3.5 mA, making it well suited for both line powered and battery powered applications.

“Offering the THAT 4320 in a QFN package is in direct response to our customers that are designing wireless microphones, wireless instruments and in-ear monitors where space is at a premium,” commented Les Tyler, President THAT Corporation. “By adding more options to the 4320 we’re enabling designers to truly differentiate their products through the transparent sound of the Blackmer™ VCA coupled with its accurate, wide-range true-rms level detector.”

Priced at $5.48 in 1k quantities, the 4320 is available now in both a 28-pin QSOP and a space-saving 5x5 mm 24-pin QFN.


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