UL-Approval for Sinusoidal Filters FN5040/45

Market leader Schaffner's sinusoidal filters FN5040/45 provide optimal motor protection in controlled drive systems. With the recently granted UL (Underwriters Laboratories Inc.) approval, the filters meet American safety standards.

With versions in compact open design (FN5040) and a housed variant (FN5045 – IP20), Schaffner's sinusoidal filters provide user-friendly solutions for protecting motors in controlled drive systems against high voltage edges with large dv/dt-values and over-voltages. They smooth the pulse-width modulated output voltage of controlled drive units and provide the motor with a clean sinusoidal voltage with low harmonic content.

The sinusoidal filters of the FN5040 and FN5045 series with a nominal current of up to 260A have received the UL-label “cURus”. The UL seal of approval stands for high safety requirements in accordance with the detailed standards of the American market. They reach far beyond the minimum safety requirements of IEC standards and are therefore internationally accepted.

The sinusoidal filters FN5040/45, products of the Schaffner Group, the world’s leader in the field of electromagnetic compatibility and power quality, stand out in particular due to their compact overall size, easy installation and convenient connectivity options. As a result, they are ideal for use in standard HVAC applications. Wherever pumps with controlled motors are running, fans with long motor cables are operated or several motors controlled together with one frequency converter, they provide optimal motor protection.

The sinusoidal filter FN5040/45 is the first to have its minimum required pulse frequency of 2kHz, 3kHz or 4kHz adapted to the standard pulse frequencies of the frequency inverter and therefore it is no longer necessary to oversize the inverter.


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