TDK has Developed an Isolated Bidirectional DC-DC Converter Platform

TDK Corporation (President: Takehiro Kamigama, Head Office: Nihonbashi, Chuoku, Tokyo) announces that it has developed an isolated DC-DC converter platform that converts electrical power bidirectionally TDK-Lambda Corporation (President: Yoshiaki Hirota, Head Office: Nihonbashi, Chuoku, Tokyo) will use this platform as the basis for it’s new EZA series of dc-dc converters.

As we progress toward realization of a low carbon society, various efforts are being made on a global scale to develop effective energy management systems based on renewable energy such as electricity generated by solar power and wind force. Such standalone systems cannot store energy to cater for peaks and troughs in generation. TDK’s compact, light weight and highly efficient bidirectional DC-DC converter platform will enable charging and discharging of storage batteries.

Charging and discharging of a rechargeable battery from / to DC voltage bus needs upward and downward power conversion. Previously, it was necessary to develop a special power unit or switch between 2 DC-DC converters, one for upward conversion, the other for downward conversion, to accomplish this. TDK took advantage of its latest power supply technologies and developed a new DC-DC converter platform that can handle bidirectional power conversion. TDK-Lambda is to use it as the base to introduce its DC-DC converters the “EZA series”. The new series of high performance bidirectional DC-DC converters will help customers develop energy storage systems with rechargeable batteries.

Main features
  •     Isolated topology that has advantage in safety and noise management.
  •     Digitally controlled optimization achieves high conversion efficiency of 94% or higher in both directions.
  •     Capable of autonomous operation and can automatically change conversion direction to stabilize input or output voltage.
  •     Capable of changing conversion direction at high speed.
  •     External devices can control and monitor the status of current, voltage and conversion direction through the RS485 serial communication port.
  •     Compact size (1U full rack)


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